2021 FIRST LEGO League Explore Festival Awards

#103 Bright Robotic Unicorns Locust Valley, NY Challenge Solution Award
#104 The Convertibles Locust Valley, NY Core Values Award
#2619 Building Beavers Mineola, NY Coding Award
#2726 Everywhere We Go, It’s Time For Fun! Mineola, NY Core Values Award
#2728 Mini Builders Mineola, NY Core Values Award
#2730 Nifty Neurons Mineola, NY Team Model Award
#3697 Team Epic Locust Valley, NY Team Model Award
#6174 Building Tater-Tots Mineola, NY Team Model Award
#6175 Lego Elements Mineola, NY Core Values Award
#6183 Team Playmakers Mineola, NY Challenge Solution Award
#11164 Lego Pros Locust Valley, NY Team Model Award
#18478 Lego Angels Ridge, NY Team Poster Award
#23522 Gu Spirit Port Washington, NY Team Poster Award
#23601 Boss Baby Syosset, NY Team Model Award
#23781 The Gaming Masters Jericho, NY Coding Award
#23862 Vik’s Game Roboter Short Hills, NJ Coding Award
#24170 Six Million IQ Syosset, NY Team Poster
#24171 Kungfu Team Syosset, NY Coding Award
#24180 Livingston FLL Explorers Livingston, NJ Coding Award
#24190 Team Miracle Williston Park, NY Core Values Award
#24196 5 Brickeneers South Setauket, NY Coding Award

The Challenge Solution Award:
These teams showed excellent problem-solving skills to create an innovative and helpful solution to the challenge.

The Coding Award:
These teams gave effective explanations about how their code made their team models move and showed good communication skills.

Team Poster Award:
These teams showed creativity on their team poster and clearly explained what they had learned through their FIRST LEGO League Explore team journey.

The Core Value Award:
These teams demonstrated great teamwork as they explored the challenge, showing they fully understood the FIRST Core Values.

Team Model Award:
These teams displayed innovation and creativity through the design and building of their models.

Team Boss Baby

Team Gaming Masters.

Team LEGO Angels.

Team Epic.

Team Boss Baby.

Team Vik’s Game Roboter.

Team Epic.