Cultivating the ongoing interest and involvement of FIRST alumni from the time they graduate from High School, through college, and into the workforce is necessary for the successful continuation of the FIRST® Long Island program. Alumni become the next generation of Long Island’s skilled technical workforce, filling jobs that ensure the continuation of the area tech sector.  They also can become mentors, sponsors, and volunteers, serving as role models to inspire students to persevere in the programs.

This section of the website has been created by FIRST® Long Island to help you launch your current or post-graduate careers on Long Island. It is an outgrowth of your high school participation in the Long Island FIRST program.

The board of directors and the development council of FIRST® Long Island, Inc. proudly offer you an opportunity to apply for entry level positions or internships with some of Long Island's greatest companies and supporters of the FIRST® Long Island programs, such as FESTO, and Northrop Grumman. The annual contributions of these companies and others make possible the annual robotics competitions that helped focus many of you on college career paths. Now, these same companies extend an opportunity for you to continue with them as employees.

Please complete our online applications. Remember, the more information you provide the companies, the better your opportunity of placement. Some of you may receive company responses in a matter of days, others in a longer term. The important thing is to keep your information updated whenever there are changes in your contact information or college degrees.

Personally, I would invite your suggestions and comments about the website and how you are doing. I know I speak for the board and council when I say that we are very proud of you and our program so please stay in touch.


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