Board of Directors

Dr. Yacov Shamash, Chairman of the Board
SUNY Stony Brook, Vice President for Economic Development

Joe Sicinski
President, BDS Corp. (ret.)

Bertram Dittmar, Executive Director
President/CEO, Schenck Corporation (ret.)

Col. Michael Canders, Ph.D.
USAF (ret.), Professor of Aviation, Farmingdale State College

Dr. Mary Ellen Freely
Associate Professor, St. John’s University

William Recce
Partner, School Construction Consultants, Inc.

Jeffrey Stern, Esq.
Attorney at Law

Carl Meshenberg
Independent Engineering Consultant

George Duffy
Executive Director/CEO, SCOPE

Chris Clausen
Owner, The Clausen Agency

Richard P. Hines
CTO, Telephonics Corporation

Frank Langro
Director, Product Market Management, FESTO Corporation

Jennifer Ostrager
VP Public Affairs, Altice USA