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Questions to Referees

"Can you complete a challenge without leaving the start area (for example with an extension that does not touch the ground) and then touch the robot to change attachments while it is still in base? Can that be done without penalty?"

A robot does not need to entirely leave base in order to be considered launched. However, please be sure to review R10 and R14. Please note, that if your robot is still interacting with a model outside of base when you interrupt it, you may lose any potential points for that mission based on the criteria set forth by the mission rules and R14. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions. Good luck and have a blast!

"Where can we find the maximum dimensions for the robot?"

As long as the entire robot and anything that it will be handling start completely in base, they are fine. The only explicit size constraint this year is the 12" max height for starting configuration. Please review R13.


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