About Qualifiers

From the firstinspires.org website:

A chance to shine! Each FIRST LEGO League season culminates with regional tournaments and championships where teams show off what they learned and invented, and compete with their robots.  Some teams earn an invitations to FIRST LEGO League World Festival at the  FIRST Championship Detroit, where teams from all over the world meet and compete, and other "opens" as well.

Events at every level offer students an amazing experience as they celebrate their hard work, have fun, make new friends, and are exposed to ideas and ideology that will enhance their lives for decades to come.

FIRST LEGO League team members and adult Coaches and Volunteers all agree – season-ending events are the most amazing, inspiring experiences they’ve ever had. Where else can you make new friends, share ideas, solve problems on the fly, compete like crazy, and get pumped up over technology all while having the time of your lives? At FIRST LEGO League events, kids realize more than ever that FIRST is all about teamwork, sharing, helping others, and respect.

This season on Long Island we are hosting five Qualifiers for the Long Island teams. Teams can attend one Qualifier per season, and registration will be via the FIRST Dashboard, with registration opening at 12 PM on September 27, 2017.

Teams will compete with their robots on the Hydro Dynamic Challenge Sets, and participate in three Judging sessions for their Project, Robot Design and Core Values. Throughout all of the tournament experience, Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition should always be at the forefront.

Tournaments are open to the public and there is no charge for admission.

Coaches: Consider volunteering for a Qualifier(s) that does not conflict with your own! See how the tournament runs from the inside out and gain valuable experience in the process. Visit the  FIRST website and click on "volunteer" to register for a Long Island event.